Since 1916, the Duval Motor Company has taken pride in providing the best inventory, the best pricing, the best customer service and the best finance options. We understand special situations may arise in anyone's personal or business finances, so we are here to assist. The Duval Special Finance Division is here specifically to assist those individuals who may be battling financial obstacles such as divorce, poor credit, bankruptcy or repossession.

Duval specializes in finding transportation solutions for clients regardless of background or credit challenges. Our strong reputation to serve both our customers and employees extends to the community with attorneys and lenders. Their confidence in our integrity and professional programs has built strong partnerships for us in the financial community which affords Duval Motor Company the best loans and financing for our customers. 

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The Process

We provide the Duval Special Finance Division at no additional cost to you, no fees - just an easy, friendly, professional experience.

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You are guaranteed access to the Duval Motor Company top-quality inventory of new and used vehicles from across our family of dealerships.

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Our unique partnership with lending institutions across the Southeast promises the best loan package for your circumstances.

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Your Credit

Safe & Reliable Transportation

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